Racing and Recovering

Wednesday July 29th, 2015

Osmo athlete, Emma-Kate Lidbury, shares her tips on how important recovery is between races.

After more than two months away from the race scene, returning with two races in two weeks has been a shock to the system. It was designed this way to kick-start my race fitness and give me an idea of what needs work. With an 8th place at 70.3 Vineman and a 4th place at 70.3 Calgary, I now have lots of answers and lots of data with which to work. Read More

Osmo Recipes, Part 2

Tuesday July 14th, 2015

We’ve gotten rave reviews on the Osmo Protein recipes that we posted a few months ago. So Osmo athletes, Neely Spence-Gracey and Emma-Kate Lidbury have created some new smoothie and protein bite recipes, using Women’s Protein that are easy to make and great tasting. We’re pretty sure you’ll be hitting the “bookmark” button for these.

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What’s In Your Drink?

Tuesday July 7th, 2015

Last year, Dr. Stacy Sims did a blog post about ingredients found in different types of sports drinks and how they can impact hydration and performance. Here’s a repost.

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Athlete Tested….and Approved!

Wednesday June 17th, 2015

Forget wine tasting in California’s most exclusive vineyards…It’s all about the Osmo taste test for our pro triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury. Here she gives you the lowdown on our two new flavors – and gets a little excited while doing so.…
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by Dr. Stacy Sims

More often than not, my clients mention they are using oral contraceptives (OCP) to have regular cycles; or that they have missed periods every other month or so. When they discuss this with their GP or OBGYN, most often they are told they are too lean and are falling into the “Female Triad.” Read More

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We get lots of posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram about new ways to use Osmo Protein. So we asked some of our athletes to provide some of their recipes for pre-workout meals, during workout nutrition and post-workout smoothies. We’ve shared some here. So sit back, relax (or copy and paste) and enjoy!

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It was history in the making. For the past few years the Amgen Tour of California held a women’s criterium in Sacramento along with an individual time trial. But this year, a three-day stage race was held, with the first two stages being held in South Lake Tahoe (two days before the men’s race began) and the final stage was an extended circuit race in Sacramento. We headed to Tahoe to support the Velocio-SRAM women’s team and to partner up with the Women’s Cycling Association and USA Cycling.

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I’m a firm believer that you should always love what you do – whether that’s work, play, whatever. If you love what you do, it will ignite you and excite you. You can always see it in people’s eyes, it beams from them like sunshine if they’ve found their passion in life. Read More

Recover Right Smoothie Bowl

Monday April 27th, 2015

Rebeccah and Laurel Wassner are professional triathletes and Osmo sponsored athletes. They are the founders of, the home of strategies and recipes for fueling a multi-sport lifestyle. We asked Rebeccah to share one of her latest recovery smoothie recipes. This is sure to be one of our favorites. Careful….don’t drool on your screen!

Laurel and I just wrapped up our pre-Wildflower Triathlon mini-training camp in New Paltz, New York. For two solid weeks we rode our bikes up and down the Catskill Mountains, ran through the carriage roads of the Mohonk Preserve, and swam miles and miles in the SUNY New Paltz pool. Oh, and we ate. And ate. And ate.


One day we splurged on (well-deserved) maple bacon donuts after a four and a half hour ride, but for the most part we ate healthy, nutrient-packed farmers market meals.

As much as I wanted to improve my running paces and recapture all of my QOMs during this camp, I also devoted time to working on nutrition. My focus over the last few weeks was to up my recovery food game, which has always been a weakness. I’ll get home from a hard workout and start playing with Amy (my two year old daughter) or rush off to walk the dog, in the process missing the all-important 30 minute recovery fuel window. Of course, this leads to fatigue and usually a dehydration headache when it comes time to workout again.

But now I have a plan: I make sure to have my canister of Osmo Protein on the counter when I return home from a workout, ready to be mixed. On days when workouts are piled on top of one another, I mix it with water right into my empty bike bottles and drink it just like that. On days when there’s a little more time to relax, I blend a fruit and protein smoothie bowl like this one made with pitaya.

Colorful recovery!

Colorful recovery!

The naturally sweet pitaya puree pairs well with Honey & Spice protein powder. I’ll sit down with this pretty bowl and let Amy have a few bites while we play.

Check out Rebeccah and Laurel’s blog for more delicious recipes!

Four amazing women will be riding their bikes in the Race Across the West on June 16-19, 2015. The race begins in Oceanside, CA and ends in Durango, CO. As a team, they will ride 860 miles; and to prepare for this event, they are training under the guidance of Carmichael Training Systems‘ coach, Jeana Miller (who is also on the team). We caught up with them during their spring training in Santa Ynez, CA.

Jane Bates, Stacy Cason, and Jeana Miller got in many key training miles in the scenic Santa Ynez (CA) valley in March, which culminated with a climb up Mt. Figueroa on Saturday (5,200 ft). With record temperatures on Wednesday while riding to Jalama Beach, we kept cool and hydrated with Osmo PreLoad Hydration first thing in the morning and Osmo Hydration during the ride. Women are not small men and our hydration and nutrition should be designed for our unique athletic machines. That week added several bricks to the fitness wall with over 190 miles in 5 days and lots of climbing (over 13,000ft). It also allowed us to practice our nutrition, hydration and recovery strategies.

Ready for the day's ride!

Ready for the day’s ride!

The longer daily rides with less recovery time was great training for Race Across the West as we will have 8 rides each in less than 3 days. Additionally, we were able to strengthen our bonds between the team members (4th member Leah Lemke had to work in CO but “telecommunicated” with us) and that will certainly help us during the challenging race in June. Lisa Hunt (from Osmo) came out of retirement to ride with us across Drum Canyon in the heat, but we all finished strong thanks to Osmo!

We’re here to support each other!

RAW 2015 will be from Oceanside CA to Durango CO on June 16-19, 2015 and you can follow our team training on our Facebook page for 4 Women on Wheels: OR via Twitter @4WomenOnWheels

Post ride smiles...

Post ride smiles…