Around the World in 20 Days

Thursday September 25th, 2014

OSMO checked in with Pro Triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury  and got her to share some of what happened during her recent 20 days of world travel, racing and adventures……

It has been a fun and frantic time on Planet Eccles in the past few weeks, with two races in the space of a week plus some serious globetrotting. Us pro triathletes are almost as good at totting up airmiles as we are swim, bike, run miles!

I kicked off September with the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Mont Tremblant, Quebec. What a terrific venue for a race! This was always going to be a barnburner of a race and it did not disappoint.

As I’ve previously mentioned on the Osmo blog, this season has been a challenging one for me with injuries and illness sidelining me for longer than anyone would have liked, so in many ways I was simply proud to be on the start line at the Worlds. I prepared as best I could and was proud of my effort on the day. Finishing 17th was obviously not the result I am truly capable of or working towards, but if I’ve learned anything this year it’s that sometimes it’s the journey that counts, not the end result.

Less than 48 hours after racing in Quebec I was jetting to China for IMG’s Beijing International Triathlon. This was the third year the race had been held and each year IMG invites a dozen pros – six men, six women – to take part alongside the age group race.

Having spent plenty of time travelling in South East Asia in my twenties, I thought I had a fair idea of what to expect from China. This would be my first visit and I went with eyes wide open ready for a new adventure. Of course, the first part of the adventure was the epic journey in itself: a 90-minute drive from Mont Tremblant to Montreal, a 90-minute flight from Montreal to Toronto and then a 13-hour flight from Toronto to Beijing in which I would fast forward 12 hours due to time zone changes.

On arrival in Beijing I was a true space cadet and it must have said something about my level of fatigue that I was able to nod off during the hour-long taxi ride from the airport to our hotel. Perhaps the fact it was dark helped disguise the crazy driving that goes on here! Imagine Scaletrix at warp speed and you begin to get a grasp of the death-defying madness. It would only be in daylight in the ensuing days that I would begin to get a real taste for the anarchy on the roads. Red traffic light? That’s but a mere suggestion, no need to actually stop!

photo 3

The longer we spent in Beijing the more I realized it is a place of     controlled chaos – everything works, everything eventually unfolds as it should, but it all happens with a crazy, fierce and boisterous intensity. The gulf between rich and poor is vast, greater than in any other country I’ve visited and Westerners still intrigue and amaze the Chinese. I’ve never been in so many selfies or been gawped at quite so intensely while running or riding. I guess a 5ft 10 suntanned Westerner in run kit stands out a little!

The race itself was a fun affair – especially as I was the only long distance race surrounded by ITU specialists. My fast twitch muscle fibres have been AWOL for many years now, so it was definitely a two-hour pain management exercise! The bike and run courses were brutal and much of the bike course had been built specifically for this race. I finished 5th and definitely knew it was time for some R&R after an intense week of racing and travel.

photo 2

Our final day saw us venture to the Great Wall of China – a place that has always been on my bucket list. It was a brutally hot day and we were all suffering with race-battered legs, which made all the Great Wall steps that much more intense! I was definitely grateful to be carrying plenty of Osmo Active Hydration sachets with me, because as the mercury climbed and there was nowhere to hide from the heat I could feel my body beginning to wither. Hydration is most definitely power!

I was very glad I consulted with Osmo boffin Dr Stacy Sims before flying back to LA as I was keen to mitigate the effects of jetlag on my return trip. I’m always very diligent about staying hydrated while flying, but she also had me eating almost only protein throughout the flight and drinking plenty of Osmo Acute Recovery (which is a 15g protein hit per scoop).


For the first 48 hours back home, I also kept my sunnies off and spent as long as possible in the sunshine to try to trick my body back into LA time. Given that I flew for 17 hours from Beijing back to LA and technically landed only one hour after taking off (!), I have to say the tips worked wonders. I hit the ground running on my return and am now gearing up for my final race of the season, Challenge Rancho Cordova in northern California on October 5.

I’ll be back with news from that race in a couple of weeks!


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Friday September 5th, 2014

That hashtag lingo is about to become very prevalent as we launch our Awesome Orange kids product. Its you moms who will quickly get the concept that instantly you can change the nutritional and performance path of your child by introducing Awesome Orange in to their lives, Quite simply, you are an #InstaAwesome Mom buy providing a hydration solution for your kids and in turn your kids who use Awesome Orange will discover what it means to be #InstaAwesome themselves once they start making the products a regular part of their life.

Dr. Stacy Sims checked in with us to share details about this incredible new opportunity, how it came to be, and to share some of the since behind this really impressive product. Here is what she had to say:

Why a kids formula??

When you put in a general google search for “what to give my active 6 year old to drink” the results range from mom-blogs stating “Gatorade or other sports drink, coconut water, or diluted juice”, “vitamin waters (to top up your child’s nutritional gaps), to the government’s recommending “lots of water”. Other recommendations often heard from doctors or other medical professionals include pedialyte or a diluted ORS (oral rehydration solution). Basically, there are no real conclusive statements of what and how much a pre-pubscent active child should drink; the basis for our kids formula. (**there are peer-reviewed recommendations from clinical pediatrics and the W.H.O. on rehydration/hydration for illness induced dehydration [body water losses of >4%] but none for the exercise induced body water losses of <3%).

It is well documented in the scientific literature that hypohydration in adults increases skin and core temperatures, leading to increased stress on the cardiovascular system, especially in the heat. In physical activity, this increased cardiovascular strain contributes to decreased physical performance (primarily in endurance exercise), increases fatigue and perception of effort, decreases motivation; coupled with increased propensity for injury, both musculoskeletal and total heat illness. In prepubescent kids, there is still a question of how much hypohydration creates these similar stresses in that , as compared to adults, prepubescent children experience a greater increase in core and skin temperatures as they become dehydrated. Factors which contribute to this include a lower sweat rate but higher metabolic cost of locomotion (eg more heat produced with less offload) as well as a higher surface area to body mass. Heat acclimatization (adjusting to hot conditions due to repeated exposure, eg hot summers days with activity) is slower to occur in children; predisposing them to heat illness. Another concern, in view of the “drink lots of water” recommendation, is the possibility of hyponatremia in active kids. (Clinically, hyponatremia is defined as a serum sodium level of <135mEq L-1, as well as referred to as a rapid lowering of blood sodium- note that blood sodium usually rests ~140-145mEq L-1, and with the rapid ingestion of plain water, blood sodium dilution is a distinct occurrence).

Why formulate a different Osmo Active specifically for kids? Why not just use diluted adults’ active? Sodium: The sodium content in Osmo products is to 1) enhance fluid absorption at the level of the small intestines, 2) stimulate thirst to encourage voluntary drinking (a normal physiological protective mechanism) , and 3) to help counteract sweat sodium losses. In the kids formula there is 100mg/serving as compared to the 320mg/serving of the men’s active. In the adult literature, sweat sodium losses in endurance athletes are on the upwards of 1.7-2 grams per litre; but under similar exercise conditions, the prepubescent child loses 0.75 -0.8g per litre of sweat. Thus, children need to ingest less sodium due to less sweat sodium losses. The physiological need for sodium for fluid uptake is individual- dependent on existing sodium availability within the body (this is from stores, ingested fluids/foods, blood-sodium concentrations, fluid balance hormone interaction; RDA of sodium for children 4-12 is 1.2g/day, teenage+adults is 1.5-1.8g/day). Potassium: Potassium is needed with sodium for fluid balance, skeletal and cardiac muscle function. Unlike sodium, potassium is not readily lost in sweat but is unavoidably lost in urine, thus it too is critical for fluid balance. Again, the requirements in prepubescent children are less than adults; 30mg potassium per serving in the kids formula vs 100mg potassium in the adults; Still keeping at a 3:1 ratio of sodium:potassium for fluid balance.

Carbohydrates/sugars and osmolality. The World Health Organization oral rehydration solution recognizes the effectiveness of a low osmolality solution for promoting plasma volume expansion; with the total osmolality range of 200-245mOsm/l. The osmotic contributors in a solution are the electrolytes and the carbohydrates. To maintain an effective osmolality of ~200mOsm/L as well as to promote fluid uptake at the level of the intestines, the kids formula has been designed at a 1% carbohydrate solution comprised of glucose and sucrose. NOTE: palatability of the drink is critical for fluid uptake. If it doesn’t taste good, it won’t be consumed. Sugar and salt are key factors to palatability and physiological encouragement of drinking. The kids formula has added monk fruit (a small, sweet melon that is naturally calorie-free and does not impact blood sugar like traditional sugars; it is not processed like stevia or sugar alcohols; basically it is dried powdered fruit) to increase the sweetness of the drink (what kids want!).

Flavoring: Staying with the morals and ideals of Osmo, the kids formula uses organic freeze-dried fruit for color and flavor, touched up by organic tangerine oil/essence to “punch up” the flavor for kids palates. There are still no fillers or flow agents, or other ingredients that may cause hyperactivity (From this mom’s point of view, CRITICAL!).

Bottom line: Kids need a different concentration of carbohydrates and electrolytes due to differences in sweat sodium concentrations, sweat rates, heat dissipation, and predisposition to hypohydration and subsequent heat illness.

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Refuel, rest, recover, repeat…

Wednesday August 27th, 2014

by Emma-Kate Lidbury

For many triathletes, learning to rest and recover is actually harder than working out. Triathlon tends to attract “Type A” personalities who typically want to do it all, do it perfectly and do it yesterday – but that’s not always the best route forward for the human body to get fitter, faster and stronger. It has taken me many years of doing this sport to truly learn the value in resting, recovering, sleeping and adapting – and boy what a valuable lesson that is to learn!

I say this because I’m currently typing this from the comfort of my bed in the middle of the afternoon as I enjoy some well earned recovery days following a training camp in Lake Tahoe, northern California. The camp was run by my coach Matt Dixon, of purplepatch, alongside Tower 26 swim coach Gerry Rodrigues and purplepatch bike coach and guru Paul Buick. With 10 age groupers and four pros in attendance it was a fun group who all really maximized the opportunity to swim, bike and run in a seriously beautiful part of the world. Some of the riding up there is extraordinary and swimming in the crystal clear waters of Donner Lake was stunning.

When in a training camp environment and putting together several big days of work it’s hugely important to nail your hydration, nutrition and fueling. Fortunately I have Osmo’s Dr Stacy Sims on my side so I felt well prepared. Each day I was typically drinking 24oz of Osmo Active Hydration during swim workouts and following this up immediately post-workout with Osmo Acute Recovery to ensure prompt refueling and optimal recovery. I have found the sooner I get this down, the better I feel and the faster I recover ready for the next session. I’ve also become addicted to Acute Recovery with a little caffeine added: try one scoop Acute Recovery mixed with 6-8oz almond milk and a shot of espresso and you will be rocking! In a bid to rehydrate well, I often also take on about 12-16oz of Osmo Pre Load between sessions. I find this helps not just my hydration levels but also help keep my body alkaline through the day (now that’s probably another blog post in itself).

On the bike I typically aim to drink approximately 24oz of Osmo Active Hydration per hour and, as with post-swim sessions, I’ll follow it up with Acute Recovery, but if it’s later in the day I’ll skip the caffeine hit. When running, if it’s a longer/heavier session we’ll often have Matt and Paul riding alongside us carrying drinks and so I’ll have an icy cold bottle of Active Hydration to sip along the way. With the mercury rising well into the 80s while we were in Tahoe it was sometimes hard to drink enough, but I know what a huge difference it makes to my training and recovery if I stay on top of it.

Right before bedtime, I swig one final scoop of Acute Recovery mixed with almond milk to assist with overnight restoration and muscle synthesis – and to help me get the best night’s sleep possible ready for the next day of fun on camp. With the hard work done, it’s now time to let it all soak in before the final two weeks of work leading in to the Ironman 70.3 World Championships on September 7. See you there!

- Eccles

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Osmo Joins Tinkoff-Saxo Training Camp

Friday August 22nd, 2014

A few clouds and some rain gracing the Colorado skies didn’t stop team Tinkoff-Saxo from a successful training camp leading up to this week’s US Pro Challenge. It was a wet Thursday morning when Osmo’s Lisa Hunt met up with the team after one of their rides. Pulling up to greet the riders roadside, Lisa was joined by Jason Lambert from ProBar to spend some time with the team.

A team lunch at their hotel in Snowmass provided the perfect venue to spend some time getting to know the riders and getting the valuable feedback in person that helps Osmo continue to improve and create the best performance hydration products on the market.

During lunch Lisa spent time with the team staff including Bruno Cenghialta, the Italian former powerhouse pro rider, who is one of the Sports Directors at Tinkoff-Saxo as well as the other Sports Director, Lars Michaelsen. The room was packed with riders and staff from all over the world and while languages from multiple countries were being spoken, when it came time to deliver the post ride brief, English was the language of choice.

The team took over the hotel restaurant and lunch included grilled salmon and grilled veggies. After lunch, impromptu chats with riders allowed Osmo to hear what the riders really think about Osmo. What was truly exciting was to hear directly from riders just how enthusiastic they are about the products.

IMG_7759 (1)

“I especially love the Acute Recovery. I can drink it and immediately I feel better. And I don’t need to eat a full meal, because it satisfies me. Sometimes I make a shake; but usually I just drink it with water” said team rider Michael Morkov. Overall Acute Recovery was the favorite amongst most.


And rider after rider shared that Active was so easy to drink and didn’t upset their stomach. Rafal Majka was quick to tell us “Osmo is fantastic. So easy to drink. In the Tour of Poland, it’s all I drank.”

Lisa left Colorado just before the US Pro Challenge started, wishing the team well and knowing they were set up to race well this week. To follow how the team is doing, be sure to check out their website for updates here.


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It was a great three weeks of racing from all teams and now the 2014 Tour de France has come to a close. Not surprisingly this year’s race brought on incredible challenges right from the get go. Osmo was proud to support team Tinkoff Saxo and so, along with his team, we were saddened to watch Tour contender Alberto Contador leave the race early on due to his crash. And though this changed everything for team Tinkoff Saxo, the remainder of the race was equally exciting and provided some great successes for the rest of the team with Rafal Majka winning two stages as well as the polka dot jersey and Michael Rogers winning a stage as well.

We want to congratulate the entire team and admire their strength and determination to perform extraordinarily well even when forced to reshape race plans after Contador withdrew. 2015 will be here before we know it and Contador will surely be back at it to claim a win. Tinkoff Saxo still has a packed schedule of racing for the reminder of this year including Vuelta a Espana at the end of August. Be sure to follow the team and find out where they will be here.

In case you missed it, Osmo’s own Stacy Sims made a televised appearance during the Tour to share how Osmo worked with the team and to share with viewers what Osmo is all about. Check it out:

The Perfect Mix Instagram Contest

Wednesday July 23rd, 2014

The Tour might almost be over but we continue to be inspired to ride and are going to enjoy every last moment and we want you too as well. So to get you motivated to log some extra miles this week we want you to win the perfect mix of hydration and fueling products.

We just launched a contest with our friends at ProBar to help you win the perfect mix of Osmo and ProBar products. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @osmonutrition and enter to win! Entering is simple – Take a Ride + Snap a Pic = Win the Perfect Mix!

Get a pic of you riding with Osmo, ProBar, or Tinkoff Saxo products in your image and post on Instagram. Be sure to tag #Tinkoff4TDF #osmonutrition and #ProBar for your chance to win! Winners will randomly be selected on July 27th – show us what you’ve got!

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Back in the Game

Thursday July 17th, 2014

Pro Triathlete and Osmo athlete Emma-Kate Lidbury shares her Vineman race report…..

After a tough couple of months of injury and illness, reaching the start line at 70.3 Vineman this past weekend was a victory in itself. I absolutely loved this race last year, so when planning this season I earmarked it as a “special” one –and it would become special for very different reasons than those I’d originally intended.

Under my original 2014 plans – let’s call this ‘Plan A’ – Vineman was a race that my coach and I set aside as one of three or four races this year where I would really be looking to perform and have a stellar day. Unfortunately, like the rest of us, we did not have a crystal ball, so had no clue about how the year might change – and how Plan A might become Plan B or Plan C.

At the start of the year I was on fire in training and feeling so strong. I would be unstoppable this year! Watch out world, I’m coming through! In the space of a few short weeks, though, things changed drastically…

Anyone who’s suffered with plantar fasciitis will know that once you’ve had it, it can often raise its ugly head once again. And again. After logging some of my finest run training yet, I was soon sidelined and hugely frustrated. To add insult to injury, some routine blood tests returned showing I had a nasty stomach infection that was going to require strong medication and a radical dietary overhaul. What I thought was going to be a red hot summer of racing actually became a seriously challenging time of adversity. Instead of racing Escape from Alcatraz, 70.3 Kansas and 70.3 Mont Tremblant in June I stayed at home in LA to rest, recover and rehab. Frustrating? Yes. Easy? No. Stronger for it now? Absolutely.

Like every other pro athlete out there – triathlete or not – I learned that these tough times are actually little tests. Hey you! Yes, you! Do you really want this? Do you really want to do it? Because none of this is going to be easy. So if you want it, then saddle up and learn. Learn the art of resilience. Learn how to stay focused and keep believing in yourself. Learn that you are only as good as the support network around you.

70.3 Vineman was a celebration of all of that. It was a celebration of me learning perhaps one of the biggest lessons of my professional career so far – and arguably the most important. Resilience is everything. It seems so odd now to say that I was delighted to simply “be” at Vineman when the ‘old’ me was looking to knock it out of the park there. When I reached the final mile of the race on Sunday I felt a huge wave of emotion and relief. It was great to be back, but be back as a newer, better, stronger version of me.

Huge thanks to my aforementioned support network and all of my sponsors, without whom I simply would not have reached that start line. Special mention to my coaches Matt Dixon and Gerry Rodrigues and Osmo’s Dr Stacy Sims, whose help with nutrition over the past few months has been extraordinary. More details on that in my next blog.


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Spice it Up

Wednesday June 18th, 2014

Variety is the spice of life – and that includes your Osmo! Osmo sponsored pro triathlete Emma-Kate Lidbury (aka Eccles) has been discovering that there’s a whole lot you can do with Osmo. Check out some of her recipe ideas below and tweet us your own to be in with a chance of winning some Osmo goodies. Full details below.

Banana Booster

  • Banana
  • 1 scoop Osmo Acute Recovery
  • 1 tbsp almond butter
  • Sprinkling of cinnamon
  • Water (or almond milk – or a bit of both)
  • Ice

Throw all of the above into the blender and hit mix! This is a favorite of mine after my early morning swim workouts. We usually hit 5-6,000 yards – much of it high intensity – so getting some good protein in ASAP afterwards is essential to help you recover and set you up for the rest of the day. I love using super ripe bananas to make it that little bit sweeter.

Osmo Mexican Hot Choc

  • 1 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder (good quality stuff)
  • Almond milk
  • 1 scoop Osmo Acute Recovery
  • Sprinkling of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, nutmeg

Mix the cocoa powder and some of the milk into a paste, gradually adding all of the milk once the paste is smooth. Heat gently (either on stove or in microwave) then mix in your Osmo Acute Recovery and sprinklings of spices. Stir well and enjoy! A great late afternoon pick-me-up which also ensures a good protein hit.


  • 1 scoop Osmo Acute Recovery
  • Water or almond milk
  • Shot of espresso – can be hot or chilled

This is one of my favorites after a big morning ride. I do it two ways – both are great!

Option 1: prepare your Osmo Acute Recovery with water or almond milk before your ride in your Osmo bottle. Add the shot of espresso to the top, shake gently and put in the fridge to chill. Serve on ice on your return.

Option 2: Gently heat almond milk (on stove or microwave) and add your Osmo Acute Recovery to it, mixing well to ensure no lumps. Crank up your coffee machine and add a shot of espresso to the Osmo. Stir well and enjoy!

OsmoBerry Blend

  • Handful of blueberries, strawberries and/or blackberries
  • 1 scoop Osmo Acute Recovery
  • Water or almond milk
  • Ice
  • Splash of cherry juice

If you like your berries then this one’s for you! Add all of the above to the blender and hit GO! You can also add almond butter to this if you’re a big nut butter fan and looking to make it a little more substantial. This is a great post workout recovery smoothie with the Osmo Acute Recovery obviously providing plenty of protein and the berries and cherry juice delivering a good hit of antioxidants. Serve over ice, rest and recover – safe in the knowledge you’re giving your body plenty of goodness in a glass.

If you like Eccles’ recipe ideas – or have some interesting takes on these plus any of your own – then we’d love to hear about them! Follow Eccles on Twitter @eklidbury and include her and us @osmonutrition in your tweet. Eccles will choose her favorite recipe and retweet it – and we’ll send the winner some Osmo goodies. Tweet us before July 1st and the winner will be announced on July 7th.


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We recently returned home from one of our on-the-road adventures supporting athletes during the Tour of California. Not only did we have a great time cheering on the pro riders, we supported many of the fans who were riding and cheering along the way. In an effort for us to share more about the people behind our product, we are excited to introduce you to Osmo team member, Terry Curley….


What is your role at Osmo?

Sales Director is my official title but we all find ourselves in fluid roles and doing whatever it takes to share Osmo with the world.  So we help out wherever the need is particularly on the event and marketing side of things.

So what did the Tour of California race week look like for you?


During the Tour of California we drove the Osmobile and followed the race, organized rides with retail partners along the way and helped hydrate fans and the peloton throughout the week. Here is some of what went down….

  • Served up 50 gallons+ of Osmo a day to everyone from consumers, CHP officers, pro riders in the peloton and retail partners we got to meet up with along the way.
  • Participated in pre race rides with partners like Folsom Bikes and Mike’s Bikes.
  • Supported the CTS athletes and coaches who participated in the Pro Experience, riding every stage of the TOC.
  • Found the best possible cup of coffee in each start city we got to visit along the way. Hands down the best was Handlebar in Santa Barbara.



How did you find Osmo?

I’m actively involved in endurance mountain biking and I actually tested the product a few years back through a coach I was working with. It was the first time I used a product and it made a huge difference in my experience on the bike, particularly how I felt in the at quarter of the race.  I had no stomach issues or cramping. I wanted to learn more and then next thing you know I am working with them. I truly believe in the product otherwise I wouldn’t be here. I never really feel like I am “selling” something but look at it as an opportunity to educate athletes on what they need to perform their best. I get to help teach people what is in our products and what each of those things actually do to help their performance. The education piece is really fun and I enjoy stoking people out on a product that really works.


So what is next for you?

I’ll be racing Lost and Found next week and then the High Cascade race out of Bend in July. On the someday list is the Breck Epic. And thankfully I’ll be bringing with me Osmo Pre-load. This is hands down my favorite product. I love being able to race these longer events and know going in to them that I have prepared my body to race longer and more comfortably.

You can follow Terry and his upcoming adventures on Instagram – @bike4sanity

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Hydrating Team Tinkoff-Saxo

Friday May 16th, 2014

For those of you who have been following us this week, we have been on the road chasing the Tour of California but we’ve also been busy helping keep Team Tinkoff-Saxo hydrated as they race the Giro. We checked in with both their team doctor, Piet de Moor, as well as rider and team co- captain, Nicolas Roche, to find out what they think about Osmo and below you we share some of our conversation.

Your team has tried, tasted, and tested your fair share of nutritional supplements, and systems and you’ve shared that you always come back to truth in science. Is that why you chose Osmo as your hydration partner?

“Over the years the riders have worked with a lot of different nutrition supplements, but it has always been difficult for us to find a sponsor with a product that suited the taste of all the riders. With Osmo it is the first time that none of our riders get stomach problems. We have experienced Osmo as a very gentle but highly efficient hydration supplement. The riders drink the Preload HydrationOsmo Active Hydration,  and Acute Recovery at their own request because they can feel that they hydrate more efficiently during and between stages.” ~ Piet de Moor – Doctor on Tinkoff-Saxo

Can you share a little bit about your hydration strategy – what you do the night before a race, the morning of, during the race and post race?

“Osmo is an integrated part of my daily routines both in the race and between races. I start taking the Preload Hydration during the morning of the stage – sometimes already in the evening. This means that I don’t have to fill my stomach with water that doesn’t bind effectively in the body. During the race I stay hydrated with Active Hydration. About half of the bottles I drink have Osmo in them. The Active Hydration becomes more and more important the hotter it is. It would be significantly harder – nearly impossible – to stay hydrated during the hot stages of the Grand Tours if we didn’t have something that binds the water in the muscles and tissue. After the stage we get a protein shake – it helps me recover and rebuild my muscles quickly. The speed at which the Osmo Acute Recovery is absorbed by the body is the main advantage in taking the Osmo after the stage. The faster I can give my muscles the nutrition to recover the faster I ride the next day.” ~ Nicolas Roche, Tinkoff-Saxo Rider and Giro Co-Captain

Unfortunately Roche went down in a crash during Stage 6 and has as wounds and cuts on his lower left side that will take a few days for him to be back at full strength. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Be sure to follow Tinkoff-Saxo during the Giro and for the rest of the season through their official web site and follow team rider Nicolas Roche on Twitter.


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