We did have a great product on the market, GoodNight Recovery, but due to the strong herbal taste, many people did not like the taste and aroma. To create a more individual palate pleasing nighttime drink, I’m going to tell you how to mix it yourself, using Acute Recovery.  Why Acute? Because it has the high quality protein you need to keep the high reparation going while you sleep.

Homemade GoodNight:

1 scoop Acute Recovery (for 15g high quality mixed whey and casein proteins)

1 tablespoon Raw Cacao (high antioxidant, and perpetuates natural melatonin production)

400 mg valerian (either take tablets with your drink or mix in the herb, natural sleep aid)

4oz tart cherry juice- unsweetened! (tart cherry is another key ingredient to increase natural melatonin production)

6oz water or unsweetened almond milk, or other.. be creative!

Mix the dry ingredients together well. Stir into juice+water. Shake and drink!

Sleep… ahhhhhh!!