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Preload Hydration for Men


Pineapple & Lemon


Osmo PreLoad Hydration is a special application "hyper-hydrator". Use it before intense efforts, ultra-endurance events or exercise in hot conditions. PreLoad was used to win gold in London and by Peter Sagan to secure the Green Jersey in the 2013 Tour de France. Consider it your secret weapon to:

  • Increase Performance During Hot & Intense Efforts
  • Maximize Sustained Power
  • Reduce Muscle Fatigue and Cramping

Osmo uses only the highest quality natural ingredients.

Servings: 20, eight ounce servings
Flavor: Pineapple & Lemon

Trisodium Citrate, D-Glucose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sucrose, OsmoPLâ„¢ Beverage Base Blend (Sucrose, D-Glucose, Trisodium Citrate, Sodium Bicarbonate), Potassium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Magnesium Citrate, Organic Compliant Flavor, Lemon Juice Powder, Lemon Oil, Monk Fruit Extract, Organic Pineapple Powder.

Our manufacturing facility has been certified in compliance with GMP requirements set forth in NSF/ANSI Standard 173, Section 8, Athletic Dietary Supplements by NSF International. According to NSF, 'GMP Registration' reflects continued commitment to ensuring the highest quality. The facility that produces Osmo products does not and will not work with any substances banned by WADA or other doping agencies.

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Customer Reviews

Love the product

Review by csquare
It really works. Especially durring the heat of a hot Texas summer. Or sitting in the garage pedal in the trainer in the winter. (Posted on 1/23/15)

Great Product!

Review by John
Great product, I drop it into my hydration system for workouts. Actually just picked it up, really great too!!blog/c10fs (Posted on 11/26/14)

Unleashes my power

Review by ahhdee
I was recommended to use Preload Hydration from a friend and I couldn't believe the benefits. I am able to ride stronger in higher heat and the biggest difference for me is that I had lower muscle fatigue. Zero cramps, less fatigue, more speed. (Posted on 10/6/14)

Great Results

Review by Dave
I have always had trouble with side stitches and cramping in my legs, especially on hot days and hard efforts. I decided to give this a try and after getting over the initial taste(, it kind of tastes like drinking baking soda with a just hint of flavor), it worked as advertised. I was in an 8 hour team race, I completed 4 hard laps with out any issues. Even better I put down 4 consistent laps for the first time. For reference, I am a 150 pound rider. (Posted on 9/1/14)

Great Product

Review by Aaron
I used the pre-hydration for the first time this weekend for a super hot and sunny century ride. 102 miles with temperatures reaching 96 degrees and not even a hint of a cramp. Did the recommended dose the night before and morning of, and used Active Hydration throughout the day.

Not the greatest taste in the world, but definitely worth it. I'll be using this before any big efforts. (Posted on 8/25/14)

Works. Really works!

Review by Doug B
I am a cramper in any kind of heat. Osmo is the only pre ride solution I have found. Since using I have done a 200 miler in 85 degree temps and a few road races if 50+ mikes in low 90s and have had zero issues with cramps. (Posted on 8/24/14)


Review by vlad
I thought it tasted gross and was about to dismiss it, but it's been a lifesaver during the hot summer racing here in the NYC area. For someone who sweats and cramps a lot, this has been amazing. I can't believe that it works so well, seriously, this is the best hydration product I've used, hands down.

I've grown to like the taste too.

*challenge: drink some during your warm up when you're all covered in sweat and see if you can taste a difference between what you're taking in and what you're putting out. (Posted on 7/14/14)


Review by john
I knew i needed more Na to avoid dehydration! 1620mg of :-) (Posted on 7/6/14)