By Us, For Us

We made Osmo for us. And if you sweat, you’re one of us. This Philosophy of Us stands behind everything we do. At Osmo, we want to enable more people to lead healthy, active lives and feel and perform better than they ever have. At Osmo we develop products that work with the body’s systems to optimize athletic performance. We make the sports drinks we want to use and test them daily. Whether you are an Olympic medal-winning cyclist or a first-time triathlete, you can help us with our mission. Our products are directly based on established cutting edge science, but we rely on feedback from athletes to get our products fine-tuned for field use.

We produce the best tools for sports hydration based on sound, peer-reviewed science and all of our products are a collaboration between scholarly research, feedback from athletes, and the pioneering work of our chief research officer Dr. Stacy Sims. Stacy has contributed to the sports hydration field for more than 15 years as both an athlete and a scientist. Stacy first developed Osmo drink mixes in her kitchen based on her needs as an athlete. Stacy later supplied these same mixes to pro cyclists who covertly replaced their sponsors’ sports drinks. Prior to founding Osmo, Stacy led the development of other industry sports drinks. Osmo, a complete drink system, is by far the most advanced and effective for athletes yet developed. To formulate the Osmo system, Stacy spent a decade conducting research in the lab and field testing thousands of liters of drink formulas on elite athletes, racecar drivers, champion triathletes, and the Garmin/Slipstream Professional Cycling Team during the 2009 Tour de France.

Doing Our Best To Do The Right Thing

THE RIGHT THING: You know the feeling: You’ve pushed hard and sweat hard, made your blood pump and cleared your head. You’ve gained the clarity of vision and peace of mind that comes with exercise. Our mission here at Osmo is to help more people lead better lives by making scientifically proven products that enable them to go deeper into the zone more often. We hope to leave the world a better place than we found it and aim to produce products that benefit all of us but don’t destroy our planet. We will continue to explore ways to lower the impact associated with making products while ensuring that they taste great and are good for us. We will lower our impact through sourcing the best tasting and least environmentally damaging ingredients, cutting down packaging to its bare essentials, and supporting causes that we believe in.

THE RIGHT INGREDIENTS: We use only natural and organic ingredients in Osmo products. This means hunting down the highest grades of fruit and electrolyte minerals to mix into Osmo beverages and investigating how the sugar we use is processed. Our whey and casein isolates are sourced exclusively from locations that are hormone-free, all ingredients are GMO and gluten free, and our sugar never bone-char filtered. We purchase at least FCC (Food Chemicals Codex) grade and in many cases we purchase USP (United States Pharmacopoeia), or Reagent A.C.S. (American Chemical Society) grade for specific ingredients. We use only organic and wildcrafted fruits to flavor our recipes. Our organic fruit comes from certified, family-owned and operated farms in the U.S. and most of our wildcrafted fruit is grown organically and harvested sustainably using noninvasive practices.

THE RIGHT PACKAGE: Our goal of helping athletes feel and perform their best requires packaging. We need a package with the structural integrity to withstand shipment and shelf wear and to shield against moisture. Because packaging ends up in landfills, our goal is to lower the carbon footprint of our packaging and the rest of our activities at Osmo. Studying and implementing the best way to lower our impact is an area of ongoing concern for us. We believe in doing more with less so we can reduce the amount of carbon dioxide and polluting gases that our products produce and we believe in the idea of less is less: The less material we use, measured in sheer mass, the lower our impact will be. We have made, and will continue to make, decisions based on real world constraints and to decrease the footprint we leave as much as possible.

THE RIGHT WAY TO SHARE: At Osmo we share our success. We donate to aid groups working on worldwide efforts to ensure that people have access to safe drinking water. As an official partner of Blue Planet Network, a group of passionate people who work directly with a global network of experienced water groups, we are helping to bring clean drinking water to people in rural communities around the world. Blue Planet has a goal of enabling safe drinking water for 200,000,000 people in the next 20 years and we are a part of this effort.


Dr. Stacy Sims, MSc, PhD

Stacy served as an exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist at Stanford University from 2007-2012 where she worked as an environmental exercise physiologist and nutrition scientist specializing in recovery, and nutritional adaptations for health, body composition, and maximizing performance. During the past decade Stacy has worked as an environmental physiologist and nutrition specialist for top professional cyclists, ultraswimmer Jamie Patrick, the Garmin/Slipstream Pro Cycling Team, USA Cycling Olympic Team (BMX and women’s track cycling), Team Tibco, Flying Lizard Motorsports, and Team Leopard-Trek, among others. Stacy earned a BA from Purdue University, an MSc from Springfield College, a doctorate from University of Otago, and was a postdoctoral research fellow in cardiovascular disease prevention, thermoregulation, and women’s health at Stanford University. Stacy raced crew as an undergraduate at Purdue University and competes as a Cat 1 road cyclist and elite XTerra triathlete.

Paul Pillitteri – VP of Operations

Paul brings over two decades of entrepreneurship in physical and digital product development to Osmo. Most recently, Paul served as Director of Product Development for championship Porsche racecar team, Flying Lizard Motorsports. Earlier in his career, Paul founded Media in Motion, a content and technology firm that worked with Macromedia, Adobe, Autodesk, and other companies. In 2000, Vantage Partners, a firm with heritage from the Harvard Negotiation Project, purchased Media In Motion’s technology and made it the foundation of its online conflict management system. A long-time inline skate racer, Paul was the co-captain of San Francisco’s Team Skate Pro and has raced inline marathon and ultramarathons on multiple continents. Paul has blasted over 50 mph down the corkscrew at the Laguna Seca raceway, on inline skates.

Ben Capron

Ben comes to Osmo Nutrition with extensive experience in the sports industry. As Chief Brand Officer at Specialized Bicycle Components, Ben worked with the Specialized team to launch and expand such franchises as Epic, Brain, and Body Geometry. Ben worked at Specialized for almost twenty years, starting as a tech rep and later serving as Performance Mountain Bike Developer, Product Manager, and Global Marketing Director. Ben also worked as the Development Director for the National Interscholastic Cycling Association and currently serves on its board of directors. An avid cyclist, Ben grew up at the foot of Mount Tamalpais in Marin County and started racing BMX bikes in 1978. As a mountain bike racer Ben podiumed in the first Trans Alp in Europe in 1998, won a Masters UCI World Cup XC race in 1999 and took the 2009 US CUP series for Cat 1 Title, age 35-39. Ben started a career in cycling during high school by inventing the first direct routed brake, later popularized by Shimano as the V Brake. Ben holds a B.A. from U.C. Santa Cruz.