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Blake Wageman


Blake has always been a runner but didn’t really find her competitive side until early adulthood, where she began running half marathons which quickly escalated into full marathons. Over the past 5 years, her love of running has transitioned to the trails and the distance keeps getting longer. Still dabbling in some road marathons, her preference is trail 50ks, 50 milers, and 100 milers.

Blake also enjoys CrossFit-style lifting 3x/week and credits this for preventing injuries.

Outside of running, Blake lives with her husband and two daughters in a beautiful little mountain town. She has been a registered nurse since 2008 and currently has an awesome career as a Nurse/Writer and is also the high school girls’ cross country coach. Her dream weekend is having the whole family (+ her 3 dogs) out camping + volunteering at a race + running in a race + no cell service. Heaven.




  • Residence: Conifer, CO
  • Birthdate: July 15

Career Highlights

  • 2021 Leadville Silver Rush 50 miler, 2nd female
  • 2021 Leadville 100 miler, 3rd female
  • 2020 Pikes Peak 50k, 2nd female
  • 2019 Run Through Time trail marathon, 1st female
  • 2018 Run Rabbit Run 50 miler, 1st female
  • 2017 Hideaway Trail 50k, 1st female

Blake's Favorite

The chocolate Rapid Recovery! Getting enough protein intake each day can be a challenge and is something I try to focus on, especially on lifting days. The Rapid Recovery is so delicious mixed in water. On higher training weeks, I like to mix it with almond milk for extra calories and yumminess! Makes it richer and sweeter, which I love.

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