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Deserae Clarke


Des started running in 8th grade cross country, and continued running cross country and track through high school and college. After college she continued to run recreationally, but wasn’t competing. She then tried some obstacle course races and a road marathon, but the thing that reignited her spark for running was her first 50k. The rugged course, combined with some overconfidence on the hills, completely wrecked her but she finished that race planning her next challenge.

In 2017 Des moved across the country to Arizona. In addition to a day job, a family, and her own training she writes articles as a contributor to Trail Sisters and coaches other runners through her small business Finlay Coaching. She has a passion for bringing others to the sport, and sees her races as ways to test her own limits and show other women that they can achieve more than they think possible. In addition to being an Osmo ambassador, Des runs on the Aravaipa Racing team, is an athlete for Nathan Sports (to hold her Osmo, of course) and an ambassador for Runners High Herbals.


  • Hometown: Danville, PA
  • Currently based: Surprise, AZ
  • Birthday: April 27

Career Highlights

  • 2017 PA Mountain Running Triple Crown Queen of the Mountain (1st at Hyner 50k, 2nd at Worlds End 100k, 5th at Eastern States 100)
  • 2018 Insomniac Night Race Delirium Series Female Champion (1st female at all 5 races)
  • 2018 Mogollon Monster 100m 2nd female
  • A photo taken upwards of Deserae Clarke running while wearing a green tank top
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The Arizona trails can be hot and dry, and PreLoad helps me stay hydrated throughout races and harder workouts. My favorite thing to drink during runs is Active Hydration Optimized for Women in Mango.

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