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Paige Peters


Paige is a previous elite level runner who transitioned to cycling in 2020 after discovering new found talent in the cycling scene. Although she is new to this sport, she quickly entered the pro cycling scene and raced in USAC Pro Road Nationals and has been excelling in the gravel scene with long distance cycling. She loves the personal challenge that time trialing brings her but craves the off road adventures the gravel scene has provided.

In addition to her racing pursuits, she also works as a physician assistant with an urgent care speciality background. She even uses Osmo products to fuel her long 13+ hour shifts at work. She is passionate about empowering new cyclists to overcome the same barriers she has overcome learning the technical side of cycling as well as nutrition and sports psychology.




  • Hometown: Lapeer, MI
  • Current Residence: Grand Rapids, MI
  • Birthdate: June 5

Career Highlights

  • USAC Pro Road Nationals TT 11th place - 2021
  • Dirty30 1st place - 2021
  • Gravel Worlds 5th place - 2021
  • Moran166 1st place - 2021

Paige's Favorite

I use Blackberry Active Hydration on all my long races, when you are doing 150+ miles of racing it can be hard to stomach strong sugary drinks, so this product has a mild taste that is not overwhelming and that my stomach can tolerate well after 8+ hours in the saddle.
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