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Bekah Rottenberg


Bekah is a mountain bike instructor and personal trainer who specializes in strength training for mountain bikers. A former professional enduro racer herself, Bekah knows the demands required to perform at the top level. As the founder of Brave Endeavors, a mountain bike training program, Bekah incorporates teaching the growth mindset and highlights the strength and courage that comes from stepping out of our comfort zone be it on the bike or in the weight room. When Bekah is not coaching or training she loves trail running and mountain biking with her wife and dog, backpacking, and cooking up delicious and healthy meals.


  • Residence: Hood River, OR
  • Hometown: Colrain, MA
  • Birthdate: June 28

Career Highlights

  • 2018 Racecascadia, Hood River, 2nd, Pro
  • 2018 Racecascadia, Raging River 3rd, Pro
  • 2017 Cascadia Dirt Cup, Tiger Mtn. 1st, Pro
  • 2017 Transcascadia, 1st Pro
  • 2016 Cascade Dirt Cup Series 2nd overall, Pro
  • 2015 Mountain Man Challenge, Ski Bowl, OR 1st, Pro

Bekah's Favorite

Rapid Recovery. I love that I can mix this with water and it tastes delicious, or if I plan ahead get fancy and blend the rapid recovery with a banana and almond milk. Either way it’s amazing to have a quick source of protein and carbs right after a workout!
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