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Women’s Running: These 6 Sports Products Will Save Your Sensitive Stomach

  • May 13, 2021
  • Allie Nichols
If your body has trouble processing traditional sports nutrition products, consider these maltodextrin-free options.

“If you struggle with GI issues after using sports nutrition products, investigate the ingredients. The culprit could be maltodextrin, a white powder derived from starchy foods such as corn, potato, wheat, tapioca, or rice.

It’s often used in sports nutrition because it provides a slower-burning complex carbohydrate to provide lasting energy during workouts. Although it’s a “generally recognized as safe” food additive by the FDA (it’s found in everything from pasta and baked goods to salad dressings and frozen meals), evidence suggests that maltodextrin can affect the balance of gut bacteria, potentially leading to intestine damage and increased risk of developing inflammatory bowel diseases.

Osmo Active Hydration Optimized for Women | $20

This hydration mix provides an optimal ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes for women, accounting for hormonal fluctuations. Available in mango and lemon-lime flavors.” 

– BETHANY MAVIS, Women’s Running


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