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Journal: Nutrition

  • Fuel Your Active Life with Food

    Avid exerciser or weekend warrior? Focus on foods that fuel your body, repair damage, reduce inflammation, improve strength and build muscle. Turn your frame into…

  • Eat to Beat Soreness

    Nailing your postworkout nutrition is of utmost importance, and eating the right things at the right time can promote quicker recovery, reduce muscle soreness, build…

  • Coach’s Corner: Want to improve in 2020? Focus on recovery

    Recovery is one of the most important parts of training. We don’t get stronger when we exercise. We get stronger after we exercise, when our…

  • Coach’s Corner: Why sugar is important

    MAKE SUGAR YOUR FRIEND When we talk about sugar, it sets off alarm bells. Rightfully so. With so many sugar-related diseases, it makes sense that…

  • Coach’s Corner: What You Put in Your Body Matters

    INTERSECTION OF NUTRITION & PERFORMANCE One of my primary interests is exploring the intersection of exercise and nutrition, and how each can support and influence…

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