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SKU: OSM-41-001-PM

Preload Hyper Hydration

Osmo Nutrition PreLoad Hydration is a pre-workout mix designed to prepare the body for high-intensity efforts and hot environments by raising plasma levels and boosting blood circulation.

Preload Hyper Hydration
Preload Hyper Hydration

SKU: OSM-41-001-PM

Preload Hyper Hydration

Osmo Nutrition PreLoad Hydration is a pre-workout mix designed to prepare the body for high-intensity efforts and hot environments by raising plasma levels and boosting blood circulation.


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How it Works

Formulated to boost your plasma levels and sodium stores before you exercise, Osmo Nutrition PreLoad Hydration increases blood circulation and helps your body effectively diffuse temperature for better performance and less cramping, even in hot conditions. All-natural ingredients and whole fruit make for a light and delicious taste to prepare you for your best performance.


Osmo Nutrition PreLoad primes your body for high-intensity effort and hot conditions.

  • Increases blood plasma volume for better circulation
  • Regulates your body heat, delaying fatigue
  • Reduces cramps with sodium bicarbonate to buffer lactic acid
  • Powers your aerobic metabolism with sodium citrate


Mix PreLoad with water and drink the night before and the morning of an intense effort so you can start your event fully hydrated and feeling great.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts


Cane Sugar, Trisodium Citrate, Dextrose, Sodium Bicarbonate, Natural Flavors, Lemon Juice Powder, Silicon Dioxide, Potassium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Magnesium Citrate, Organic Pineapple Powder.

Nutrition facts label for tub of pineapple lemon preload hydration
Nutrition facts label for tub of Pineapple Lemon Preload Hydration

Questions About the Product

How do I know if I'm properly hydrated when exercising?

A good way to determine whether you’re properly hydrated is to examine the color of your urine first thing in the morning and to monitor the level of your thirst before, during, and after you exercise. When gauging urine color, the rule is generally the clearer the better. Dark yellow urine is a telltale sign of dehydration. Pay attention to hydration in conjunction with exercise intensity, exercise duration and weather conditions so you can adjust your optimal rate of fluid consumption for different situations. Our Whizz Wands can help you monitor your hydration levels.

When should I drink PreLoad?

PreLoad is for use only before intense, concerted efforts or efforts in the heat. PreLoad is not for use during workouts or for everyday hydration. Its higher concentration of sodium is intended to hyperhydrate you and prepare you to perform your best during especially hot or difficult efforts.

How should I start using PreLoad?

Start by using one dose. If you are drinking it for a high intensity effort, try drinking it the night before. If it is for long and/or hot sessions, drink it before you head out. Ideally, finish the Preload 30 minutes before you go. Drink it cold; this helps mask some of the salty taste if that bothers you. If one dose is a bit too strong, try it half strength. Please note that its higher levels of sodium means it should only be used before a very high-intensity, long, and/or hot session that will definitely cause you to sweat. If you have a history of kidney or blood pressure issues, check with your doctor before using Osmo PreLoad.

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Not a fan

Not a fan of the taste or the results. I consumed two scoops with the prescribed amount of water the night before an intense trail half marathon in 95-102 degree weather, and halfway through the run my fingers were like swollen sausages, likely from too much sodium/retained water. I also put on 4lbs of water weight that took me 8 days to shed after that run. The taste left me pretty grossed out as well. If I were to consume it again, I’d probably cut the scoops in half to one with the same amount of water. Otherwise, it has left me unsatisfied and regretting my purchase.

Likelihood to Recommend:

Not Likely

Pure Magic

Ok....maybe not "pure magic" because I know a significant amount of science was necessary to create this product....until 2-months ago, I would hydrate (with another manufacturer's product) for my morning short rides (4-5 times every week... 22-30 miles) but need significant hydration throughout the ride (heat and humidity in Maryland). Two months I started pre-ride hydration with the OSMO pre-load (20oz of water with 2-scoops of the preload) 30-minutes prior to the ride.....this product is a GAME CHANGER ! Yes, I still hydrate throughout the ride, but not as often and never feeling anywhere near de-hydrated at any time in the ride.

Likelihood to Recommend:

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