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Journal: Running

  • 11 Training Tips For Your First Marathon

    Complete your first marathon in style with this expert training advice Signing up for your first marathon is an exhilarating moment. You’re excited at the…

  • Running Around Mount St. Helens

    The training for running around Mount St. Helens began in January with a rainy, cold two hour run in Forest Park, but really it began…

  • The Hydration Difference at 200 Miles

    My thoughts 185 miles into Bigfoot 200 were probably not what most people would predict.  Despite outward appearances, including the typical zombie-like jog of an…

  • The Science Behind Running and Hydration

    Whether racing in ultra-marathons or running in sprints, hydration is key to a runner’s performance. Even a small decrease in hydration status can hinder physical…

  • Becky Rogers

    Becky Rogers is a dedicated ultra-runner and elite competitor in obstacle course running (OCR). A competitive soccer player in college, Becky now lives in Seabeck,…

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