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Whether on the road or in the mountains, cycling takes a lot of energy, stamina, and strength. Osmo provides the hydration cyclists need to fight cramping and fatigue, as well as the nutrition needed for a strong post-ride recovery.

5 Reasons Osmo’s Great for Cycling

  • 1. Fights cramping

    Whether you tend to cramp up toward the end of a long ride or days later in the middle of the night, there’s nothing worse than a painful cramp. Osmo Active has the right balance of magnesium, potassium, and sodium to prevent cramping.

  • 2. Delays bonking

    Osmo Active boosts blood circulation and plasma levels. This helps your body function more efficiently, increasing energy levels and delaying the dreaded bonk.

  • 3. Easy on the stomach

    Using hydration with the right osmolality is so important that we’re named for it. The osmolality of Osmo Active is optimized for quick absorption and hydration, so it won’t sit in your stomach and cause bloating or distress.

  • 4. Hyper-hydrates

    Drinking Osmo PreLoad the night before or morning of an extra intense or long ride will help you stay hydrated for longer. PreLoad is especially helpful for hot days and can balance fluid lost through sweat.

  • 5. Faster recovery

    After a long ride, you deserve a good recovery—and your body needs it. Osmo Recovery is made to help sore, tired muscles recover and rebuild faster so you can get back on your bike feeling great.

Peter Sagan
Featured Athlete

Born in Zilina, Slovakia, Peter Sagan has reached legendary status as a world-famous cyclist. In addition to winning the UCI World Championship three years in a row, he won the prestigious green jersey the first time he raced the Tour de France in 2012. Since then, he has won the green jersey five more times, a record-tying total. In addition to his prodigious talent, Peter is well-known for his playful personality on and off the bike. Peter has been drinking Osmo since 2013 and has won 65 races with Osmo in his bottle, with 110 wins in his career.

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