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Spending hours in sun and salt water requires a lot of energy, hydration, and recovery. Osmo provides the deep and lasting hydration surfers need, along with nutrition that repairs sore muscles and speeds recovery.


  • 1. Prevents cramping

    There's nothing more agonizing than a painful calf cramp, especially in the middle of a session. Osmo Active has the right balance of magnesium, potassium, and sodium to keep you from cramping.

  • 2. Fights fatigue

    Osmo Active boosts blood circulation and plasma levels. This helps your body function more efficiently, increasing energy levels and delaying fatigue.

  • 3. Offsets heat exposure

    Studies have shown that hot conditions quickly cause exhaustion, exacerbating dehydration and forcing you to end your session early. Osmo Preload increases your body water and helps your body regulate heat so you can stay out longer.

  • 4. Helps you hydrate without leaving the water

    Drinking Osmo Preload the night before or morning of an extra intense or long session will enable you to be fully hydrated without taking water breaks. You'll get all the benefits of proper hydration without interrupting your session.

  • 5. Faster recovery

    Surfing requires major muscular endurance, not to mention the beating you take when getting pummeled by a wave. Osmo Recovery is made to help sore, tired muscles recover and rebuild faster so you can get back on your board stronger than ever.

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