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Virtual “Everesting”

  • May 05, 2020
  • Cameron Piper
If you had asked me two weeks ago if I’d ever do a virtual “Everesting,” I would probably laugh.  Fast forward those two weeks and on Friday, I was like, “well, why not?”  With no racing for a while, I might as well have some sort of “fun” with a challenge. 

I tried to prep everything as best as possible (with limited knowledge of how things would go down) – filling bottles of OSMO and setting out ride food for 9+ hours on the bike.  I am not always perfect when it comes to drinking during training rides, but I know on the trainer, you sweat… a lot.  I’d have to ride up the Alpe du Zwift climb in Zwift eight and a half times to hit the 8,848m of altitude required to complete the challenge, but I knew I wanted to finish all nine laps!

I started at an effort that I expected I could hold for 60% of the time, which in reality meant I went a bit harder than that effort because I was excited!  I also had a friend and former teammate, Simon, riding with me to start things off.  It was smooth sailing through the first four laps, then halfway through the fifth lap, I hit the first “wall” (the first of many for the next few hours…).  It’s funny how your general feelings can come and go in waves – from feeling like a hero, straight to a zero!

I was motivated by the support of many others online cheering me on to complete the full effort – the best part?  I was less than five minutes off from the time I had projected based on climbing speed/effort!  Not bad for a first try.  The last hour though…  My stubbornness had me riding until 10,000m, no matter how badly I wanted to crack the beer in front of me (because I always already cracked)!

Now what’s the next challenge?!  I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy – and keeping yourselves motivated to enjoy what you can!  Thank you all for the support!!

In terms of the OSMO that I went through – I drank the following:

  • Pre-ride:  two scoops of Preload (Pineapple Lemon)
  • During Ride:
    • 4 bottles (26oz) of Active Hydration (3 scoops in each)
    • 4 bottles (22oz) of Active Hydration (3 scoops in each)
    • Lemon Lime and Blackberry Flavors
  • After Ride: 4 scoops of Rapid Recovery (Chocolate Flavor)
It made the difference!! Especially on the trainer where you’re sweating more than you typically would outdoors (or at least perceptively).

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