Throughout my career and athletic pursuits, one thing consistently holds true: What you put in your body matters. It matters much more than you might think. In fact, I’d argue that smart nutrition is the most underestimated secret weapon of peak performance. My plan is to share my tips and tools to arm you with valuable information and dismantle common misunderstandings about sports nutrition.

Intersection of nutrition and performance

One of my primary interests is exploring the intersection of exercise and nutrition, and how each can support and influence the other.

I’m intrigued with the interplay of the body’s energy production pathways as it relates to nutrition. For example, how does a purely aerobic endurance athlete like a distance runner need to fuel differently than a moderately anaerobic road cyclist or highly anaerobic rock climber like a boulderer? If you’re trying to develop a certain athletic weakness, like explosive power for example, how can what you eat and drink help support that goal?

Did you know that low-carbohydrate diets don’t work for everyone? There are specific times of year during the training cycle when low-carb diets can help optimize training adaptations like improving aerobic endurance and fat metabolism. However, if your sport requires high-intensity efforts or if you are a woman during the high-hormone phase of your cycle, low-carb diets can actually undermine performance! But it’s not just about using nutrition as a vehicle to optimize performance. I view nutrition as an integral cornerstone of leading a healthy lifestyle. Your nutritional choices are an essential component of both performance and well-being.

I hope to be a resource to the Osmo community, providing science-backed advice to support healthy lifestyles, athletic ambitions, and of course, to maximize performance.

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