Osmo Hydration, Fuel and Recovery now available in single serves!

Sustained performance on a long day means planning for extra fuel and hydration refills, which is why we created single-serves of Power Fuel and Rapid Recovery to join Active Hydration and complete the lineup! 

Why do endurance athletes need Osmo on the go? 

> Electrolyte Replenishment: Endurance athletes sweat, and therefore lose key electrolytes such as sodium during exercise. In order to maintain power and sustain energy, you must take in electrolytes throughout. Plain water alone won’t rehydrate you fast enough and can lead to hyponatremia.  

> Fuel with Carbohydrates: Longer endurance events call for more “fuel”, ie. sustenance found in carbohydrates. But while binging on mashed potatoes sounds great at Thanksgiving, it may not be wise a few hours into a 100-mile bike ride. This is why quick access to the carbohydrates (cluster-dextrin) used in Osmo Power Fuel are now referred to as a “game changer” for performance in endurance.

> Protein is the key to Recovery: It’s not fun to think about longevity in endurance sports, but it’s there. Proper recovery helps your body stay strong for as long as you’re up for the miles. Rapid Recovery replenishes vital nutrients and facilitates swift recuperation. This formula has been crafted to not only accelerate recovery times but also enhance overall training adaptations, ultimately leading to improved performance.

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