By John Shewey, with assistance from Steve Maeder

"Last fall, we ran our inaugural installment of “Provisions and Periphery,” which is essentially a gear guide featuring foods and products we think fly anglers would find useful on their adventures. Many of you appreciated the rundown on a variety of gadgets and goodies that are not in the realm of fly-fishing tackle or clothing. This is good old-fashioned honest journalism: we did select items from two of our advertisers, but only because they are great products. Otherwise, we made no effort to trade publicity for advertising—we simply searched far and wide for cool gadgets and provisions, and then tested them ourselves. In some cases, companies and public relations firms gave us samples; in other cases, we bought things. Just like last year, some products we tested didn’t make the cut, for various reasons. We cast a wide net this year, and if you’re like us, you love a good gadget and a great snack or meal. By “good gadget,” we mean gear that solves a problem, comes in handy in time of need, and stands up to the rigors of outdoor sports. But fly-fishing adventures big and small also require sustenance and we’re big fans of good food when we’re on the water, on the trail, in the boat, or back at camp. So dig in here and appease your inner gear junky.

Osmo Nutrition Recovery Products
Most American Fly Fishing subscribers are deeply experienced fly fishers, and many of you are no strangers to what we might call adventure-angling: trekking deep into the wilderness to fish mountain lakes, “wade-hiking” (to coin a phrase) miles of tumbling creeks and small rivers, or spending long days under a tropical sun on the bonefish flats. I’m right there with you. Long ago, I learned the value of supplemental recovery drinks and similar products, and recently tried Osmo Active Hydration and Osmo Rapid Recovery. They both live up to their billing. Active Hydration was developed to be the fastest way to rehydrate during exercise, with an optimal ratio of sucrose, glucose, and electrolytes to replace body water and power you through a challenging day afield. Flavored with real fruit and natural ingredients, Active quickly gives you the hydration you need, improving endurance and power while reducing cramping and fatigue.
Rapid Recovery contains a unique combination of proteins, carbs, and caffeine to enable muscle repair and boost glycogen replacement. Both products taste great and are available in a variety of package sizes at"


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