November 3, 2021 is National Stress Awareness Day, so we thought we'd ask our athletes how they manage stress.

“Journaling, meditation, and working with a mental performance coach have all been practices that have helped me deal with anxiety & stress and improve my mental health–both on and off the bike.” – Abigail Snyder

“When I feel stressed, I try to remind myself what I can control. Sometimes that involves writing a list or walking through the scenario that is stressing me out. Then I look at the list and see what items I can control and what items I can’t. If there is something outside of my control adding to the stress, it’s best to shift my mindset to more of an accepting mindset. Instead of reacting to the stressor, I start to look past it. I find most stress comes from trying to control a situation or change an outcome that’s already occurred. So changing to an accepting mindset and focusing on a positive attitude goes a long way. AND….if that method fails I usually hit up a solid bike workout and #stresswatts usually help too.” – Paige Peters

“The bike is my way to handle stress. Be it a soul ride or a hammer fest it’s always how I handle stress.” – Tom Naab

“I’ve been most successful at managing stress by reminded myself to focus on what I can control and taking consistent action to improve my situation and make progress towards my goals. Whether or not I’m following a training plan, making it a priority to get outside and ride everyday is extremely beneficial in keeping me in a positive and happy state of mind that gives me the best shot at managing stress well.” – Lucas Rowton

“We put our bodies through so much mentally and physically with training, and to make sure it doesn’t seem like a job, I find it important to take time for yourself to unwind.  One of my favorite hobbies is crocheting, it has been known to reduce stress and anxiety!” – Roseann Marie Perchinske

“I manage stress with breath, exercise, and referring to my priorities. Often when I get stressed it’s because I’ve allowed myself to get caught up in something that when I take a step back I realize isn’t very important. Hope that helps:)” – Bekah Rottenberg

“I like to spend some down time with my wife dogs at home. A nice massage is a great way to rid the body & soul of stress. A relaxing soak in hot bath is another way to rid the body of stress.” – Darrell Sasagawa

“The best way I’ve found to handle and mitigate stress is to get outside. Typically, this means going for a run but sometimes a walk matches my mood more or simply sitting on the deck with my pups. Even in bad weather, moving around outside almost always shifts my mental state to a better one.” – Blake Wageman