Spring in 2021 means a return to almost normal. Here, Osmo ambassadors weigh in on what they look forward to most about Spring season.

“Spring is so exciting as a cyclist! I love being able to transition outdoors from the indoor trainer and experience the adventure of exploring new gravel roads and trails all over again! It always seems like all the colors and smells and sunshine are brighter and more beautiful than ever before!” – Abigail Snyder

What I’m looking forward to the most about springtime is more outdoor riding, sunshine, and the return to racing, even if there are still restrictions!” – Roseann Marie Perchinske

“I love when spring finally arrives. It means single layer clothing for running. I get to start biking outside and the adventures with my best bud go further than the streets by my house.” Samantha Davies

“Spring brings warmer temperatures and the crowds are still small. This allows me to truly enjoy some of the worlds best training in nature being alone.” – Tom Hodge

“Spring skiing at the Spring Skiing Capital!” – Darrell Sasagawa“I’m excited about the longer days and the perfect temperatures for riding outside!”  – Eva Kodouskova

“My favorite thing by far about spring is when everything is green and the flowers bloom. It’s natures way of celebrating the return of nicer weather and longer days.” – Tom Naab

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