This week, we’re excited to announce the launch of a new high-carbohydrate fuel mix called Osmo Power Fuel.

This mix is the first of its kind in our product offering and a key new element to bringing athletes the best hydration, fuel and recovery products for improved performance.

To stay energized and avoid the dreaded bonk, Osmo has historically preached “food in the pocket, hydration in the bottle.” While we still believe that real food is a great way to take in fuel during exercise, it’s not always easy to open a wrapper while on the bike, or suffer the potential consequences of too many gels during an ultra.

Over the past few years, we heard from many of our athletes that they were struggling to take in enough carbohydrates during training and racing, and that the options available for “liquid fuel” were causing gastrointestinal problems. As you know, nothing kills a vibe more than an upset stomach. To help solve this problem, we enlisted the help of Kyla Channell, Osmo’s nutritionist, to develop a simple, three-ingredient mix that could deliver the necessary carbs without upsetting the GI tract.

What makes Osmo Power Fuel unique is that it can be mixed with water alone, or as an additive to electrolytes like Active Hydration, or post-workout with Rapid Recovery. Staying hydrated is AS important as staying fueled during any effort, and we made sure to test the combination of Power Fuel and Active Hydration to ensure that electrolytes will still be delivered just as quickly into the body. We envisioned Power Fuel as a stackable component of our endurance nutrition lineup, easy to customize to your unique fueling needs.

We’re excited for you to try Osmo Power Fuel and give us your feedback! Check out these resources for more information on using Power Fuel:

Hear from our Athletes who’ve been testing Osmo Power Fuel:


“I’ve used Power Fuel on at least 10 runs so far, all of varying distances and effort levels, from workouts to 20 miles on the trails. I’ve had ZERO stomach issues, which is always the top concern when switching up the nutrition routine. You mix it right in with your Osmo electrolytes and I love knowing I’m sipping on sodium and calories at the same time.” Blake Wageman, ultra runner

“Osmo Power Fuel has given me the ability to not only take in the important carbs for long, intense days on the bike, but also to adjust the osmolality with Active Hydration if it’s warmer out or you want a little extra flavor – all without any stomach issues. Better yet, if you like the extra boost from caffeine, Osmo Power Fuel with caffeine Is as neutral as it gets, with virtually the same flavor as without – this stuff is basically super water!” – Cam Piper, Pro cyclist

“This product has been a game changer to my fueling process. I’m able to take in more carbs during training than I’ve ever before and without GI distress. Carbs are king when it comes to fueling.” – Clayton Hutchins, pro Triathlete

“I appreciate that this product provides a great way to ensure I consume enough calories per hour on my runs to keep me fueled and energized. Unlike other hydration drinks that can have a medicinal taste or be overly sweet, this product has a refreshing and light flavor that is easy to drink and enjoy.” – Susie Lozick, runner

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