Many seasoned athletes have tried and true routines they employ before a race, but it can be a challenge to not overthink, over-plan, or overeat!  We asked a few Osmo ambassadors how they manage to avoid the “taper tantrums”:

How do you combat pre-race nerves?

“I just focus on the process. Eat breakfast. Get dressed. Prep the bike. Do the next thing. It's a familiar rhythm and that helps, I think.” - Abigail Snyder, MTB racer

“I have found that rather than attempting to combat my pre-race nerves, I embrace them. The nerves indicate that the event matters to me, and I find that the adrenaline rush from the nerves is advantageous to help me set new personal records.” - Susie Lozick, Ultra-runner

“I try to replace some of the time I was training with relaxing activities like easy yoga, walks on trails, and time with friends. I find this helps keep the "taper tantrums" at bay. If I feel extra nervous, I'll look back through my training of the past few months to remind myself of all the work I did to get here and that I am ready.” - Mark Marzen, Ultra-runner

Do you have any pre-race rituals or superstitions?

“I have three very important pre race rituals: The first is painting my nails with a collection of 5 different nail polish colors with awesome names like, Feeling Great, Lookin Good, Ruby Ruby, Golden Girl and On Fire! The second is temporary tattoos from my sponsors and I always finish those off with a neck tattoo so I look very badass. The third is pizza the night before for dinner, always!” - Amy Farrell, Pro-triathlete

“Always always always have 2 bottles of Osmo active hydration and sushi for dinner the night before. 🤷‍♀️ (Don't know why sushi is the go-to but since I've started doing that, I've never performed poorly...whatever works!)” - Blair Benson, Triathlete

“I carry a tiny frog figurine that my dad gave me. I like to think it brings me good luck to have a piece of him with me.” - Blake Wageman, Ultra-runner

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