As Summer 2023 comes to a close, we wanted to take time to reflect on what made this Summer great! Below, our Osmo athletes share their favorite highlights.

“One of my personal summer highlights was a month-long trip to Europe that included races in Finland and Switzerland as well as a big training block in the Dolomites in Northern Italy. It was a very enjoyable and memorable trip that also set me up well for a strong second half of the season.”

- Brennan Wertz, Pro Gravel Racer


“Coaching and riding bikes!” - Rebekah Rottenberg, MTB instructor


“Finishing 3rd overall female in a 111 mi gravel bike race 8 months postpartum.”

- Roseann Marie Perchinske, Triathlete


 "The highlight of the summer was taking a week off everything and unplugging at a lake in Northern Michigan with family!" - Tom Naab, MTB 


"My summer was highlighted by my running of the Wasatch 100. Their slogan is, '100 miles of heaven and hell' and boy did that hold true. Big gorgeous mountains and a supreme sunrise and sunset were matched by unrelentingly difficult terrain and conditions that stretched my will. 100 miles are always difficult, but the extreme difficulty of Wasatch was uniquely enlivening."

- Mark Marzen, ultra runner


“My summer was all about speed and getting out of my comfort zone focusing on shorter races. The highlight of my summer was crushing my 10k personal record, slashing 3 minutes off my previous time at the Santa Monica Classic. To top it off, I secured 2nd place female, marking a season filled with dedication and hard work.” - Susie Lozick, ultra runner


“So hard to choose a favorite but I think I’ll have to go with volunteering at the High Lonesome 100 as my summer highlight. Helping others reach a big goal with friends and family by my side, camping, soaking in the mountains…hard to beat a running-focused weekend like that!” - Blake Wageman, Ultra runner

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