This past weekend our new Osmo Athlete, Brennan Wertz showed up ready to race at Octopus Gravel in Andermatt, Switzerland, landing him on the 1st place podium. A unique race format, Octopus Gravel offers 7 gravel passes with 3 timed climbs between 4km and 7km in elevation. 

Participants must complete 6 of the 7 passes in order to contend in the race but can do so at their own speed, making it hard to know how you're doing compared with the rest on the timed segments. Brennan finished just seconds ahead of the second place finisher!

"From the beautiful views, to the friendly people, to the extremely challenging course, this was a truly unforgettable event. I loved the format of the event and how it enabled us to really appreciate the course and all the beauty of the Andermatt region," said Brennan.


Photos Courtesy of Adam Rsozko and Ceramicspeed 

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