As March is Women's History Month, we were thrilled when Triathlete Magazine wanted to feature Osmo's female leaders in their Gear Guide for the month, profiling women-led triathlon brands.

Women-led triathlon companies: Nutrition

Woman or man, nutrition is a key part of nailing triathlon training and racing. Women have different nutritional needs than men, though – from carb intake per hour to optimal electrolyte mixes.

Stacy Sims, Allie Nichols, and Kyla Channell – Osmo Nutrition

One of the original women-founded nutrition companies is Osmo Nutrition. Initially built by Dr. Stacy Sims, Osmo is now led by former Division I volleyball player Allie Nichols and degreed nutritional practitioner Kyla Channell, who also happens to be the lead nutritionist at triathlon coaching company PurplePatch Fitness.

“A few years ago we streamlined our products to deliver maximum benefits for both men and women,” Nichols says. “ We know that every athlete is different, and for women in particular the nutritional needs throughout the month can change. We wanted to create an offering that allows for customization depending on where you are in your cycle and training program.”

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