My story goes that cycling found me through a Talent ID programme called Girls4Gold. I lied about my age as I was too young in order to get tested out for different olympic sports. All I wanted to do from a young age was be a pro runner and without a competitive outlet I was a nightmare amongst 3 other competitive siblings so sport was the path!

My first ever race was a little scarring bolting over my bars and knocking out my front teeth, my dad popped them in some milk to preserve them for the duration of the ambulance ride. Undeterred I persevered on a wild 10 year journey riding out the highs and lows as a roadie. After 2 major surgeries to repair bilateral iliac artery endofibrosis and a struggle to ‘comeback’ I tried really hard to quit cycling and get a real job in 2021. However it was short lasting, the allure of gravel was too strong and so began a new chapter in 2022.

Hometown: Oxford, United Kingdom
Current Home: Boulder (summer), Christchurch, NZ (winter) but truthfully a nomad
Birthday: September 30

Carer Highlights:
2022: Red Bull Rio Grande - 1st
2022: Crusher and the Tushar - 2nd
2022: Gunnigrinder - 1st
2022: Rebecca's Private Idaho - 3rd
2022: Wasatch All Road - 2nd
2019: Cascade Classic 2x stage wins and overall GC win
2018: Top 10 GC finishes Tour of California and Tour Down Under
2018: Redlands Cycling Classic Sunset Stage winner
2013: U23 National Road Championships GB- 2nd