Sally Thornton-White is a dedicated mountain biker and skier who currently calls Jackson, Wyoming, home. She graduated from the University of Denver in 2023 with a degree in environmental science and public policy. In Jackson,  she coaches kids' mountain bike camps during the summer and works as a ski technician in the winter. Sally's passion for mountain biking started back in 2020 when she was a college freshman. Since then, it's become a central part of her life. Sally focuses on enduro racing and freeride, but is always open to exploring XC and road biking. 

Career and race highlights:
Desert Days women’s freeride - 2023
Enduro Series Pro women’s 1st - 2023
Carriboo Jack Driggs ID women’s enduro 3rd - 2023
Gunnison Growler women’s 19-29 1st - 2023
Galbraith Enduro, Pacific Northwest Cup expert women’s 2nd - 2022
Collegiate nationals DH 8th - 2021



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