Growing up in the hills and cornfields of Pennsylvania, Mark spent hours on end outside. After moving to Colorado, Mark rekindled his love for hours in the outdoors as he found himself running more and more, eventually moving to the trails, and then into ultramarathons. For a decade now, he has loved constantly training and learning, and traveling all over the country to compete in some of the highest profile ultramarathons, with the 100 mile distance being his favorite.
Mark is also a running coach with Golden Endurance, working with runners at every level and distance, and loves to be apart of the trail running community however he can.

Hometown: Whitehall, PA
Current Residence: Golden, CO
Birthdate: August 11

Career Highlights
2022 Palisades Ultras 100 miler, 1st place
2021 Ultra Race of Champions, 3rd place
2020 Sangre de Cristo 100 miler, 1st place
2019 Leadville 100 miler, 6th place
2019 Black Hills 50k, 1st place
2018 Never Summer 100k, 1st place